Do What You Love, Love What You Do

Most people have a set of goals and aspirations that they want to achieve. Especially with the New Year beginning, we start to think about what we really want.

What I have discovered though, is that a lot of these goals that people set out to work towards are not actually theirs. They are what other people have told them they should be aiming for. The parents want their children to get into Uni and become a Doctor; Lawyer; Accountant or follow in their parents footsteps. Their friends want ‘cool’ jobs that pay lots of money. Society wants us to find a 9-5 Monday to Friday job. It doesn’t matter if you like it or not.

We end up influenced by this and suddenly end up working towards a goal, in this example a career goal, that you have no interest in.

When talking to others about a career very seldom do we get asked:
“What do you like doing?”
“What are you passionate about?”
“What interests you?”
“What are your hobbies?”
“What do you love doing?”
“What would you like to learn more about?”

I asked myself these questions a few years back, and keep doing it on a regular basis to make sure I am doing what I want to do and not what someone else thinks I should be doing.

It is helpful to do this exercise and we often get a sense of relief and freedom when we discover what it is we REALLY want from our career. Taking time to sit down and asking yourself truthfully, and honestly with no influence from others.

When answering these questions, check in with your emotions when you get the answer. If you feel positive, happy and excited about the thought of being able to do this in your job then you are on the right track.

Now that you have a list of YOUR interests, passions, hobbies, etc. You have a base to start looking at what your ideal career would be.

Start searching the internet, Is there any jobs, or organisations that involve you doing what you love? If not, can you start your own business? Or make steps to educate yourself on what you need to be able to get the job you love, or run your own business?

The saying “Do what you love and love what you do” Is the key to enjoying your job.

We need to start thinking of our work, our jobs, our careers as positive. We need to enjoy what we are doing. Imagine jumping out of bed each day excited about what you’ll be doing at work. Instead of feeling stressed about it and forcing yourself to go into that job you don’t like.

Remember, “Do what you love, love what you do.”


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