Simply put, Kinesiology uses ‘muscle monitoring’, a clinically proven, non-invasive technique to discover the root cause of any issue you may be dealing with. Through muscle monitoring the practitioner is able to not only identify the underlying cause of an issue, but identify the best way to correct it.

Kinesiology is a highly effective therapy for personal and professional development. Long lasting, sustainable, positive changes are made. Enriching your life on all levels.

Kinesiologists core belief system is that your body has innate healing abilities, and your body is always doing it’s best to bring you back  into balance (homeostasis). This is becoming increasingly difficult with the high levels of constant stress that people are trying to cope with today. Kinesiologists assist the body to allow the body to come back to it’s original state of wellbeing.

The real attraction for many people is that the practitioner is not relying on their pre-conceived ideas about what the problem is and how it should be corrected. Nor is the practitioner relying on their intuition which can often be influenced by the practitioners own unconscious blocks. With Kinesiology YOUR body always has the answers. The practitioner has a range of ‘balancing’ techniques that they can use, depending on their experience and knowledge in the areas of Kinesiology and other healing modalities.

Kinesiology can identify unresolved emotional issues, negatively charged emotional responses stored in your body; (often creating physical pain), conditioned reactions, stress & trauma that have not been resolved. These all put your mind & body in a ‘weakened’ state so that your everyday emotional responses are not fully resolved like they would naturally. This is very significant as we now know, that our emotions give out electrical charges and chemical molecules to the rest of the body, in turn, affecting our physical body as well.

The brain is the ‘Central processing unit’ everything that happens in our body is controlled by the brain. Messages are constantly being sent from the brain to every part of our body, the organs, muscles, etc. Messages are also being sent from your body back to the brain. If there is any disturbance in the feed-back system then imbalances will occur. Clearing the block in the feed back system will allow peace and harmony to be restored.

Once the underlying ‘core‘ issue that is affecting your well being and goals in life is identified, Angela uses a very wide range of ‘correction‘ techniques. Sound therapy (tuning folks), acupressure points, essential oils, colour therapy & aura soma, herbs, affirmations, just to name a few.

As well as Angela’s extensive training in advanced Kinesiology techniques (specialising in Neuro-energetic Kinesiology) she is also a qualified Counsellor, a Massage Therapist and has done extensive training in various healing techniques, eastern medicine and the mind-body connection.


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